Inspiration - recording - Integrating

I AM, I AM inspired by Dr. Jane Goodall, and all the magnificent great apes. It's being with the apes in sanctuary and learning about their past and present lives, and the lives of great apes around the world. Sharing time, making friends, especially sharing music and playing my guitar for the many apes in sanctuary is immeasurable.

The entire collection of great ape vocal recordings, beginning in 2007 of chimpanzees, bonobos, gorillas, orangutans and gibbons were recorded at sanctuaries or in natural indigenous habitats around the world. After choosing the many unique vocalizations, I wrote songs, music in key centers, built around their vocal pitches. The rhythms of their vocals and sounds, including the natural environmental sounds are all natural, placed seamlessly in the music creating a one of its kind. Absolutely no library sounds were used. 

It started with great ape vocal recordings, recorded by myself, friends and associates either in sanctuaries or indigenous habitats around the world. Then there was building the story and writing the music: An introduction to all great apes, living freely in the forests, births and celebration, captured, enslaved into laboratory research, overcome by it, habitat loss, orphaned and refuge in sanctuaries. A little more complex than I thought, it was choosing the right vocal expressions and sounds fitting the experience in each song. As the songs evolved in many shapes and stages, they were updated and edited over time. That being adding great ape vocal and sound recordings as they came in from around the world, creating new ideas and musical ideas for any small part or sections of songs. Or it was adding human vocalists to the already existing great ape vocals or to help the lead vocal lyrics. The instruments and vocals, the over all setting for each song in the story was to leave nothing but of the beauty, the harshness, the realities, the joy.