2015 Shared Funds & 'No' to Palm Oil

I am very proud to announce that all of the funds generated from the album I AM, I AM has reached great ape sanctuaries around the world. I was hoping for much more though every dollar from the sales either from hard copies or downloads has been shared. The funds are exhausted from 2015 sales. This year, 2016, I hope to have a stronger year. I AM, I AM is still reaching fans and supporters around the globe, though it has started off slow since the new year. I AM, I AM is timeless.., there are new listeners and supporters everywhere to help aid sanctuaries and the great apes. Please continue to share, telling family and friends about the CD, download and the website thru all means possible. FB, twitter... Every last dollar and cents goes to and is shared with sanctuaries globally.

Palm Oil, the #1 culprit in destroying orangutan lives, all creatures big and small, humans, and forests home to people and non-humans is rising out of control. PLEASE.., be aware of this ingredient in everything you purchase. It's in all consumer products. Do not buy anything containing this product. The more consumers stop buying, the less demand. The less precious life will be lost to the burning fires, deforestation, and losing an integral part of the worlds Eco-system. The forests of Indonesia- Borneo, Sumatra are disappearing beyond an alarming rate. Read the labels on everything you purchase. Don't wait till all the forests and animals are gone... 

Many thanks to EVERYONE who has purchased the CD and download of I AM, I AM. Your support is much needed for all the great apes and sanctuaries around the world.   Thank you to all the sanctuary leaders and staff for all you do caring for the apes!