Humans and great apes share vocal expressions

“It's truly exciting to use the great apes vocals, sounds and rhythms side by side with us human vocalists and our instruments.”

Harry’s guitar exchanges lyrical pitches with an orangutan. A bass guitar harmonizes with chimpanzees. The rhythmic vocals and sounds of all the great apes surrounding the drums and percussion; -siamang gibbons astonishing vocals not unlike conga finger slides, gorilla chest beats like djembes, and chimpanzee hand slaps and thumps like drums.     

Some of the amazing ape vocals beginning with laughter come from Knuckles and Arvid,  two young chimpanzees. Soft subtle sighs and singing comes from adult chimpanzee Toddy. The bellowing “long calls” filled with power is from Linus, an orangutan. Breathing is from sweet Jeannie, a chimpanzee. Mouth popping noises are from a gorilla. The excited whoops, hoots, hand claps, kisses, to tiny voices are all great ape – big and small. 

Here are a few;

JEANNIE, with the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen, lived 24 years of her life in research. Having suffered mental breakdowns and to be euthanized in the laboratory, she was rescued into sanctuary. 

KNUCKLES was born with cerebral palsy and receives 24/7 care in a U.S. sanctuary. Arvid, born in Africa and rescued into sanctuary, became ill with meningitis at age five leaving him without full use of his arms and legs. He passed away in 2013 at age eight.

Born in Africa, TODDY was captured and sold as an infant into the pet industry having bullet fragments still lodged in her brain. 

LINUS stepped out into sunshine and the rain for the first time in sanctuary after living caged in a garage over 10 years.


Thank you to all and everyone who took part in the making of this album. It is up to us to care for ourselves, our nature, the beauty that surrounds us all above and below sea level. All my gratitude! - Harry

ps - Visit the provided links for more information on great apes and sanctuaries!!